Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Thinking about investing in a property again. Saw a consultant today from The Aldy Group who seem very professional. The consultant was asking about my background as a mortgage broker and investment advisor when I was running Loans n Stuff.

At least I got motivated about the Chocolate again. I started up my tempering machine but had a blackout in between. Don't know if it was the humidity of the process of stopping the tempering machine (power outage) that helped seize the chocolate... but I was not happy!

The person I was hoping would be interested in helping me out on the business as a business manager can't do it (or isn't interested but letting me know politely!) ah well... back to the drawing board.

Was trying to update the catalogue on the site ( but getting very frustrated! Next time I think I'll go with an easier option to have a shopping cart site! I'll check out the Yahoo shops for the Shop 4 Gifts site and have to look further into doing something for Bargain Hunter. (Sites TBA)

Heard from Rusty today! He's coming home for Xmas. That will be great. At least we'll catch up with him and Nat!!

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