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Car Swap

We sold the Toyota Surf (pictured) last week... we had advertised the car on a few online sites but decided to take it off the market as were planning to go on one more camping trip before we sold it... and then out of the blue we got a call as someone wanted to buy it. We had forgotten we had an ad with! Anyway after a week of toing and froing the car was sold and I was left carless for a week. We ended up finding a Mazda Astina SP 1990 for a runabout and we're picking it up this Sunday.

PreFab House

Ooh these look great. Andrew Maynard has created these wonderful small "box" like modules to build into homes and complexes. Very cute! Read more at Also another prefab house company's details can be found at I like the simplicity of these ones although they don't seem to have the style of the andrew maynard houses

Breakaway 1

We went to Little Wobby on the weekend. Gosh I love it there! Waterviews, relaxing, no pressure to do anything... I managed to read two books which I had taken with me: Life of Pi and Golden Fool... flicked through some magazines they had there and listened to CDs. The weather wasn't great, but it was good enough for some great R&R. Didn't manage to go to the beach (40 minute walk away) but sat on the deck and the jetty enjoying the water breeze and the view out to the water and to Dangar Island. Is there anything more peaceful than the sounds of lapping water? :) Photos:

Trip to Kenta

Had lunch with Nikki at Kenta on Thursday 29 Dec 2005. Food was OK, but definitely cheap! Good value. I had the sashimi lunch set which included sashimi, salmon salad, rice and miso soup. Was very full! Meal was approx $10 - $11... here's a pic of what I ate. Nikki had the teriaki chicken and calamari rings meal. That looked good too. And someone at a table next to us had a soft shell crab tempura set. Oooh if only I spotted that :)

My Cobb Salad

Had to take a photo of the Cobb Salad I made for Xmas Eve Lunch. Here it is! This cobb salad was made with: Boiled Egg Avocado Blue Cheese Tomato (de seeded) Bacon Chicken (cold BBQ chicken) Lettuce (Iceberg - chopped up into thin slices) A dressing made from a mix of mayo, blue cheese, lemon, herbs

Happy New Year -- 2006

Had a lovely time at our friends' Suzy and Scott's place last night to celebrate the incoming new year. We had a BBQ dinner of chicken, sausages and vegetables and a luscious mango, walnut, bacon salad (it had lettuce too!) Played Articulate a game like pictionary... but with words and not drawings... it's pretty easy unless you get the Pompodom Centre! (There is a Place question which we've had twice now that I still don't know the name of but sounds like the Pompodom Centre... the clue I keep getting is "sounds like a crispy indian bread"... We also watched part of Se7en, but Suzy and Scott were both falling asleep so we thought we'd call it a night (morning) by then. Nice midnight fireworks (saw it on TV) but I think I'm getting a bit over it all. Today it's boiling outside... something like 41 degrees Celcius! We're hiding inside with the air conditioner on and sitting in the lounge room with our laptops. Bobo is hiding in the box (