Monday, 9 September 2013

Aldi's Expressi Coffee Machine and Flavours

After doing a bit of Googling it does seem that there is a lot of information about the Aldi Expressi Coffee machine but not that much about the flavour pods.

I thought I'd pop some of our initial comments here about what we have found after about a month's of usage.

Firstly about the machine... it's great in producing very consistent coffee. Coffee snobs may laugh at it but it produces consistently good coffee often much better than some of the cafes around.

We're very wussy in our coffee drinking habits and tend to like:
Instant = Nescafe Gold Blend or Moccona Vanilla
Ground Coffee = Illy Medium Roast or Gloria Jeans flavoured coffee (Vanilla or Hazelnut)
We have our coffees with milk so YMMV.  When I'm out I tend to go for a Soy Mocha...

So... the flavours we like the best are:
Perugia (strength 5) - smooth with no bitter aftertaste
Tauro (strength 5) - another smooth one
Milano (strength 10) -- very smooth and not as strong as the number seems to indicate.  Does have a sweetness to the taste.

Actually not really sure what the numbers mean as the 10 wasn't that different to the 5

Light Hot Chocolate has been used to make Mochas with the coffee pods we don't like as much...
The coffee pod flavours that fit into this category (don't like as much) are:
Florenzi Lungo (3)
Valleta (5)

I've bought one of the strong coffee sampler packs so we'll go through that to taste some of the stronger ones.  It'd be good if I can catch more of those sampler ones otherwise my cupboard will be filled with 'to be used' pods.  Hmmm.  Maybe I'll Oddswop them!