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A fresh start in a new town in a new year - hello 2022!

It's difficult to reflect on 2022 when 2021 ended on such a mixed way. With the plandemic it seems that a government job isn't very secure if you want to care about your health more than a living. The Monday before Xmas break I was "stood down" as I supposedly am unwilling to work.  Nothing seems to make any sense. Here's an excerpt of the letter So I'm on forced leave till 7 February.  I don't have much in the way of leave and as a fixed term contractor I don't have any long service leave. At this stage based on my No Regrets policy I'm still OK with my decision. I do not actually understand how this can be legal but unfortunately I am no lawyer. The other bad news at the end of 2021 was the passing of Auntie Ivy. May she rest in peace. I was very saddened about the event but also somewhat mollified that she died doing something she loved. She loved abseiling and died from "falling" in an accident - the article -