Thursday, 20 April 2006


Can you believe another venture has begun? I've now started up as I've had an interest in soy candles for a while was searching for it and decided to go with starting up making and marketing candles from home. The great thing is that this opportunity has a trail of income from associates and affiliates signed up who also buy from the same supplier. So it works out to be a win win win situation! Anyway it's exciting and now I'm doing candles for Belle Fleur Lavender as well as will be doing them for Chocolate Koala!

I also received the final samples from my supplier for chocolate packaging, so now I feel I can go out to the market and start selling my chocolates! So hopefully May I'll get our first sales of the Chocolate Koala brand. Also made it to be a finalist in the Reed Gift Awards! But didn't have the final packaging design so was a bit disappointed they didn't make it in time for final judging but hopefully the products will do well anyway. It would have been great exposure if the product won best product!