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Doggie friend for Sprocket? (Help with a name!)

I saw an ad on Petrescue for a lovely "Schnauzer Cross"... and a second one too! So I popped my name down as we are looking for a friend for Sprocket still after we didn't manage to adopt a cute Beagle cross called Bronco: Bronco the beagle cross in our backyard So after putting in an EOI for both the Schnauzer Cross dogs I got the call that I was the first to put in for the first doggie, the brindle female dog. Here are some adorable photos of this doggie from Petrescue: On Saturday I went out to meet her with Sprocket. She was a timid old thing.  And didn't warm up to anyone.  But looked a lot more confident after a couple of hours - esp compared to the photos above. And I really don't like having my photo on the interwebs but can't resist adding this photo of me and the two doggies.  Sprocket was also an ex-pound dog and from the same facility.  The Blacktown Animal Holding Facility . The issue is

Trying Reverse by Jeunesse

My mother has been talking up Jeunesse products for the last few months.  And been sending me lots of YouTube videos and other information about it.  Mainly because she has seen the benefits of it on her friends when she went back to Canada.  What happened was she met up with some friends whom she hadn't seen in a little while and she found that they looked younger and much healthier.  As a cancer survivor who has done well but wants to get back to 100% she of course wanted to find out what the secret was. They told her it was Jeunesse.  And got her to try the very expensive products over the next few weeks. I was then told how this was great and how she got her energy up and how she wanted me to do the business.  Uh oh.  Not one of those!  Yep a network marketing opportunity (think Amway).  And I don't tend to really have that bad a reaction to them.  I've tried a number of these businesses mainly because I liked the product but didn't like the work to build the busi