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Bread baking - my hacks to make it super easy!

Since we got back from our latest holiday/vacation I've been baking bread. I'm  not sure what caused my need to bake bread.  Certainly I have tried it in the past but for whatever reason didn't really continue.  Maybe it was because I was using a bread maker before... and maybe it's because it really isn't this hard... and I'm getting encouragement from colleagues and friends about how good the bread is.  And it's not just empty flattery.  Even I think the bread is good :) It started with me watching this video on the plane: The key words "no sugar bread" were probably the reason I watched this one rather than another one.  That and the promise (or advertising) of 8 minutes of prep time! The day we got back I was trying to stay awake so thought to bake the bread.  It was pretty amazing.  Especially for attempt one! Bread in oven on pizza stone Baked bread.  Looks and smells so good! The issue with this first one was that... the se