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Founder Institute Reflections

As a final assignment we're meant to write a paragraph about our experience with Founder Institute .  A paragraph... that'd be hard as there is so much to say.  I could have just put something on LinkedIn or commented on a blog ( hmmm I already did that !) or commented on a  Quora thread  but decided to put some of my reflections down before I forgot it all. This was my second go at FI.  Last semester I pulled out after suffering the really tough first week but realised that due to personal circumstances wouldn't be able to continue that semester.  I still had a burning desire to get Oddswop up and running with as much help and knowledge I could so I reapplied after doing a snap poll with James ( FoodOrbit ) and Neil ( Slidefish ) who both graduated from the Spring 2012 class. The first week I was smart and had some idea of what was to come so left quickly from the pub that first night so I could prepare.  It was amazing so many of us made it through the first week.  I

Graduated from Founder Institute (Sydney Autumn 2013)

I graduated on Tuesday night with 7 other graduates from Founder Institute . A number of mentors were there at the  Blue Chilli  offices including our directors Ben and Tom and Peter Cooper Garry Visontay Daniel Ringrose (aka Simon Baker) Adam Benson Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin Ari Klinger We also had the great interns Richard and Luke there jotting down all our pledges. Yikes my memory isn't that good and now I can't remember who else was there that evening.  It was also nice to see some of the grads from the previous semester there (Neil and Jeremy and I think Jake was there too). But a huge congratulations to all my fellow graduates: Alex with Insydr Dave with SuperPick Javier with Acento Paul with Wine Badger Sarah with Powerd8 Tom with Agile Weather Vincent with CarProfilez Yvonne (me!) with Oddswop Ah a photo of the grads, directors, interns and mentors (phew I didn't forget anyone)