Thursday, 20 November 2014

Eyesight hacking and improvement (myopia) | Eyefix

I was listening to a podcast this morning by Tim Ferriss.  This particular one was about decision making and how having to make decisions can affect your productivity as your brain has effectively been zapped of some of it's brainpower.  (I'm seriously paraphrasing here.  Listen to the Podcast it's a lot better than what I've summed up it to be!)  The one I listened to doesn't have show notes yet (as it's the latest one Ep 44: How to Avoid Decision Fatigue) but you can find the podcasts here:

Anyway I'm a mini fan of Tim Ferriss and a few years back read 4 Hour Body.  I love that he experiments and has hacks for different things.  I was tempted to ask if he can do an eyesight hack or experimentation on how to improve eyesight (myopia in my case).  But then I thought that I had the tools at my disposal and really should be doing my own experiments.  Which I have been doing.  But they have been terribly implemented in that I try things on an ad hoc basis rather than doing it consistently.  And seriously when I research on the internet it seems as if others have the same problem where they try things and fall off the wagon.  It's one of those things that is so hard to do for most people they give up (and just get laser surgery or continue on the way they have been!)  Others who 'succeed' are the ones holding seminars etc but they seem miraculous and doesn't seem that repeatable.

Eyesight hacking and improvement

So here are all the known options for my ongoing eyefix ... journey.  I'll go into each of them in a bit more detail in subsequent posts (I was going to do it here but now it's become too long!).  The detail will describe how I have been affected by them or how and what I've tried using these.  The one biggy (cos I'm lazy!) that I've not done and is all over the internet is the Bates Method.  So if you are here for the Bates Method and how it may have worked for me... you are in the wrong place :)

Stuff I've tried for eyesight improvement

Ortho C - this has worked for me the best so far
Leo Angart (Pranic healing)
Peter Grunwald / Eyebody (Alexander Technique)
Jen Jolan Blinking
Binaural Beats
Hypnosis for eyesight
Cayenne and Eyebright
Plus Lens therapy
Medicated Eye patches with Palming
Pin hole glasses
Massage and acupressure
Eye exercises
Not wearing my glasses/contacts or wearing weaker ones

Food and herbs for eyesight improvement


But there are a heap of other things I haven't tried... which I should but for whatever reason I just haven't.  So more of these can be added to the experiment too.  However if I find something that works I'll probably just stop ;)

Other treatments not yet tried

Ghee (rubbed into eyes?!)
Bates Method (eye exercises)
Lemon mixed with orange juice, with a capful of ACV added.
Reduce sugar, aluminium use, fluoride toothpaste

Hmm... as mentioned above I won't be covering the eyefix treatments I've tried in this blog post but will do so in subsequent ones.

As part of a structured eyefix experiment I should take just one and do it for a fixed period of time and measure the improvement.  Since this is a hokey experiment I will do it based on an eye chart I have at home.  I can't control the light too much in the room but I will do my best and try and do it in similar lighting circumstances.

I currently use 1 Day Acuvue Moist  as I find them very comfortable.
Left eye -3.75
Right eye -3.50

A couple of side notes:

  • I use to have astigmatism contact lenses but after doing the Leo Angart sessions and some 'tests' my astigmatism wasn't apparent.  It certainly hasn't hampered me by using the non astigmatism lenses.
  • I wear weaker lenses to try and improve my eyesight in both contacts and glasses
  • My last eye test was with Jenny from Concord Eye Care as she is the only one I found in Sydney that advertised (on the internet) natural eye improvement!
  • I started this journey into this eyefix / eye improvement back in 2008/9 so at 5 years you would think I'd have nailed it!  But as they say persistence and iteration is the key.  I just haven't done either well.
  • I currently take a number of herbal supplements including Fo-Ti and Taurine
  • I have blogged about this topic in the past and in particular the Ortho C work.

The next blog post will outline the structure of the experiments and schedule of the eyefix experiments.  I'll also be starting detailing the things I've tried and the results.

At the very least this will get me writing again on my personal blog.  I really should start my own life hack series as there are things I've learned that I wish I knew years ago.  More to blog about woohoo!

Photo courtesy of Ken of www.SeniorLiving.Org

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Schoolswop - Dedicated Oddswop type Community

Hmm I should be writing this blog post on the Oddswop blog too.  But I suppose that one will be a bit more formal ;)

I had fun putting the page together but ended up crunching it so that I did the landing page, the video and the voice over within 48 hours.  It started with a conversation with coach Luke H via The Entourage (coaching I'm getting) where he was helping me with cold calling (bleah!) Great help but even better is his belief in the concept.  I can't tell you how much a difference it makes when someone relatively outside the ecosystem not only is supportive but actually believes in it.  And can then link things up and add real value with relevant information.  Luke gets it.  And for that I'm very thankful.

So one of the things he suggested I do is focus.  Focus on one type of Oddswop Communities opportunity rather than all the potential it has.  We can always expand out from there.  And schools it is.  I'm not so sure about the Schoolswop name.  Mainly because we don't have swapping available!  But the domain name was available... and being the GSD type of person I am... was registered.

Poor Dave!  He feels he's been critical when giving feedback about the video and the page but that's OK.  Considering I give him about 5 minutes before I need to push things live for him to review it.  What should I expect.  As long as he doesn't mind if I am selective in the advice I take then all is good.  I need that extra person providing feedback and sometimes for me having the last minute feedback is good rather than adding extra work from early on as sometimes I get frustrated with the analysis paralysis that attacks projects!!

So how did I put it all together?

The landing page is done using trusty old Kickofflabs and the video / animation was using our PowToon account. It still takes a while to put together but it is definitely less time consuming than getting an overseas person to do it.  And a fair bit cheaper too :D.  The voiceover I got the lovely Liz to record it again (she did the Lego one too).  She's a gem found on Fiverr.

The video is hosted on Vimeo and can be found on YouTube too.  Here is is via YouTube

So head on over to the landing page at if you know of someone who fund raises in schools and help me out make Oddswop a real alternative to Gumtree and eBay :)

Quitting Sugar?

I have been helping out at I Quit Sugar for the last few months and finished up yesterday.

I was only there as a stop gap whilst they were looking for a CTO... and I managed to help.  It was only meant to be helping recruit someone but in the end we did find someone from my network to help out.  Always happy to connect people I know... hang on... that's the second tech guru I've put onto IQS!

So have I quit sugar?  No, but I am interested in my health and food so I'm more aware of my food and been reading up about fructose and the effects.  I even have my own bottle of rice malt sugar and will be looking to use it as a sugar alternative.

I am more anti wheat than fructose.  To me pasta and bread seems more 'unnatural' than rice and fruit.  But the processed sugar?  Yeah not so good.  Evil?  No but like anything if wielded incorrectly it can be near evil.

For those interested in quitting sugar, definitely check out and Sarah's blog  Always an interesting read!  I've also been checking out Dr Jason Fung's videos about sugar/wheat and the effects on insulin and diabetes.  You can read more on his blog here.