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Twilight at Taronga -- Beatnix in lightning and rain

We went to Twilight at Taronga on 24 Feb 2007. It was starring the Beatnix. They were FABulous :) Very Beatlely! We hadn't seen them in action before but they had us up and dancing to Twist and Shout and Hey Jude! Some more obscure hits (to my uneducated ears) were played too. The rain made for interesting hiding spots whilst still trying to be able to see and keep within our "space" and not obstructing other people's view (with our umbrellas). We also had a couple of friends in lovely ponchos. The concert was very wet, but it just added to the atmosphere. Good company and good music isn't diluted by a little bit of rain and an amazing light show (lightning over the city -- the view from Taronga is amazing!)

We've moved!

We've moved house (in January) and we're settling in. A pic of the house is on the left. It's a really cool layout with a drive thru double garage and just a few doors away from McDonalds (both of benefit to Will not necessarily me!) Our neighbours seem lovely as well.