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Kilmory to go?

The thoughts are to move house... The chocolate business has moved to Hamley Road (the industrial area of Mt Kuring-gai) and now the two of us and Bobo are rattling around in a 5 bedroom house. A bit big... so maybe we should move to a smaller easier to maintain house which may also leave us some time to develop Howes Valley. We've sent our loan documents back, we've sent our contract back and we're now waiting... and waiting. Just on the phone to the solictors to check if they have done anything! (They just moved offices so goodness knows if they have it!) We had been looking around the Parramatta area but after taking into consideration petrol prices and that we both have to travel back to the Hornsby area, we're probably better off finding something closer to here and maybe somewhere a little closer to Windsor? But now we're in a dilemma... we really should sell before we buy so we're not under any pressure. We can rent in the meantime and try and pounce