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Cake in 60 seconds (review of Cake in a Cup)

Curious if the Cake in a Cup from White Wings is all it's cracked up to be?  A while back I bought a pack of the Salted Caramel and Chocolate Chip version of the cake mix whilst it was on an introductory special from a local Woolworths.  Each box has 4 satchels. I thought I'd pop up a few photos and my review of the process and taste in case you want to know a bit before you go and buy your own. This is my 3rd satchel.  I've made it pretty much to spec/ Step 1: Empty pack into mug.  Use a decent size mug but it doesn't need to be huge.  Just bigger than a teacup. Step 2: Add 40mL of milk.  (Two tablespoons).  And stir. Step 3: pop it into the microwave Step 4: Put in microwave for 1 minute.  I put in a little bit more thinking I could use the convection part of the oven (grill in this case) to give it a bit more of an oven feel).  But found that I had to buzz it for another 30 seconds to make it work because I did that.  So just stick to the inst

A B testing - in real life

How many times have you tested two items to find out your preference?  I do it all the time.  From trying to find out which tea is better to evaluating two priorities.  As an exercise for my coding learning I want to create a web app or app that does the simple A/B test in real life. I've bought a domain for it - - and could even potentially monetise it in a number of ways. But first I want to build an MVP version.  Myself.  Somehow! Mainly for my own purposes to track things I test. Like for Cookies and Cream ice cream.  Blue Ribbon was a bit disappointing.  Woolworths Select is better.  So in the model for my simple site it would be: Cookies and Cream Ice Cream A. Blue Ribbon Cookies and Cream B. Woolworths Select B wins. But I'm sure Bulla is a bit better.  The Aldi one is pretty good too.  But I'll have to wait till I can do a direct comparison before I add it to my list! Will did a test the other day on Dry Ginger Ale.  Schwepps vs the W

Old folks on iPads (and other devices)

I'm writing this post after an interesting problem which I'm sure many of us have.  Trying to connect people digitally when they don't understand digital. With the proliferation of devices and the 'consumerisation' of tech it's easy now to give someone an iPad or iPod touch or even an Android tablet as a gift.  But then there is the whole support of it.  And the set up of Wifi and explaining how much things cost and how it works.  And it made me think if there was a network for this or some sort of service.  Would people pay for such? Makes me think I should probably write this up better and post it on Medium rather than on my lonely old blog which is really just a dumping ground for my thinking.... ok later I'll do it later! But it doesn't matter so much as to the money but how to solve the problem. The backstory is that we gave my Chinese mother-in-law (MIL) an iPad as a gift last year.  It's been great.  Her daughter who lives in Melbourne