Sunday, 19 May 2013

Re Starting up

I've been busy and head down with a lot of things recently and it's hard to keep a track of it all.  The biggest thing is that I've started down the path again in starting up a start up.
It's been a fascinating process and I had a bit of a false start last year when I joined Founder Institute ( and then dropped out for a number of reasons but essentially it was the wrong time.  I've joined again and in it's 3rd season in Sydney I'm hoping to stick to the end.  I've likened it to Survivor for Wantraprenuers to friends.  This semester we're now down to 12 which is a 50% drop off rate since the beginning.  Something like that anyway!  I'm not counting as I've been too busy with the assignments, building the actual business and still working.
The new start up is a marketplace... much to the dismay of many of the mentors who make up the foundation of Founder Institute.  And worse it's a marketplace trying to take on the likes of Gumtree, eBay and craiglist amongst the lesser known classifieds sites which spot the globe.
I've managed to convince Andre from 73Robots to help me build Oddswop and he's been an absolute gun.  (Seriously if you want someone who knows what they are doing, helps you think through a problem and solution and is easy to deal with you can't really go wrong with contacting them.)
So what's been happening with Oddswop?  There has been a fair amount of activity including:

  • Appointed 73Robots January 2013
  • Changed name to Oddswop (was Schtoof)
  • Registered 
  • Registered Twitter oddswop
  • Started Founder Institute again March 2013
  • Organised for an explainer video to be created
  • Setup a sign up page via LaunchRock
  • Bought after getting some advice from Garry Visiontay [I haven't repointed the site yet... adding to to do list now!]
  • Surveyed over 1000 people for an assignment for Founder Institute about selling online
  • incorporated 1 May 2013 (Oddswop Pty Ltd)
  • Registered
  • Setup bank account and Paypal account
And there is still a heap to come considering I want to launch the MVP in July!