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Mocoro - our latest pet and gadget in one

Mocoro - fuzzy blue (or pink, yellow or green) gadget that cleans your floor and is fun.  It's marketed as a robotic floor cleaner.   This guy is hilarious. Unboxed this guy after purchasing it online month's ago.  It's not the genuine Mocoro as the instructions don't quite work against the actual thing but it doesn't matter.  He's a cool Cookie Monster blue (and comes with different 'covers') and rolls around the floor.  The really cool thing is that he (it?) rolls around in inconsistent ways and often just 'rolls off' to do it's own thing.  It's quite hilarious (strange sense of humour I have maybe?)  It often goes against a wall and just um... becomes fairly affectionate against the wall... Initial thoughts about the 'useful' part of Mocoro: The zipper makes a bit of a disconcerting noise against the floor and maybe a bit of concern about scratching the floor...  Takes 2 AA batteries (despite saying only 1 ba

The power of a key!

I hate broken crockery.  Or chipped crockery.  It irritates me.  But you know what is worse?  A broken keyboard.  Or rather a missing key.  Not only did I suffer 1 fallen off key but two!! Someone suggested I asked too many ?s!    I could still use the keyboard despite the missing key but it was irritating. I even had the key but if I put it on top it wouldn't necessary depress so I pulled it off rather than suffering the irritation when typing.  Otherwise I'd end up being an ANGRY typer.  Oh yes.  They exist. I have a keyboard at home which has no key labels.  I love it.  (It's a DAS keyboard in case you are wondering.) Even when I can't find the dollar sign or the minus key (unless I used the number pad). Then the G key was also loose :( Not only do I ask too many questions, I must also have a love of the letter G. After a lot of searching around and trying to replace keys on my Sony Vaio, I even thought to get the whole keyboard replaced.  But th

House update - we're almost there!

For those who don't know we're building a house.  No not us, but a builder is doing the building but we have commissioned a house to be built.  And we're almost there.  The 10 months we've been living at my mother in law's place has been interesting.  Whilst it seems like a long time we've been keeping ourselves busy so it's not been all that bad. The really good news is that I feel like we're only maybe 5 - 6 weeks away from getting keys.  But I have no idea.  The Site Supervisor has indicated by May we should be in.  But he didn't want to commit! This is what it looked like last week (February 2015): In December 2014/January 2015: October 2014: In October 2014 In July 2014 (around the time of Demolition) For more information about the build visit the Building Journey blog:

Onboarding a user via an App - Uber case study

Uber onboarding screens I thought this would be useful for others as it's a good study in how to design an app for easy 'onboarding' and sign up.   During a UX workshop I went through an app onboarding example using Uber.  It is not an app I have used previously as I haven't had any need to use Uber.  But everyone who has used it seems to love the service and convenience.  And one of the guys told us how good it was so that was going to be our benchmark. Uber was deemed an easy process and utilised some interesting phone features to make it as easy as possible.   Takeaway: All apps should make onboarding (signups) as simple as possible and reduce keyboard entry of data. This study was done on an Android device (Nexus 5) on Thursday 26 February 2015 in the Sydney CBD area. 1. First time open     2. Registration Option This option allowed for social sign in.  This is always a good option but don’t make this your sole way of signup as i