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The power of a key!

I hate broken crockery.  Or chipped crockery.  It irritates me.  But you know what is worse?  A broken keyboard.  Or rather a missing key.  Not only did I suffer 1 fallen off key but two!!
Someone suggested I asked too many ?s!  
 I could still use the keyboard despite the missing key but it was irritating.

I even had the key but if I put it on top it wouldn't necessary depress so I pulled it off rather than suffering the irritation when typing.  Otherwise I'd end up being an ANGRY typer.  Oh yes.  They exist.

I have a keyboard at home which has no key labels.  I love it.  (It's a DAS keyboard in case you are wondering.) Even when I can't find the dollar sign or the minus key (unless I used the number pad).

Then the G key was also loose :(

Not only do I ask too many questions, I must also have a love of the letter G.

After a lot of searching around and trying to replace keys on my Sony Vaio, I even thought to get the whole keyboard replaced.  But that would cost a fair amount.  And it was only these plastic hinges that had snapped off.  or the little legs on the hinges that had worn out.  Something so tiny I couldn't work it out even with a magnifying glass!

But when visiting the various keyboard replacement companies they didn't seem to have one that fit my keyboard.  So I again revisited the option of the full keyboard replacement.  But I didn't want to spend over $300 on the replacement :(

So back I went looking for keyboard replacements.  Lucky for me I decided to contact via their support services.  They asked me to send a photo of my missing keys (hence the above photos!) and they sent me a link of which one I should purchase.  I ended up buying 3.  A spare 'any' key so that I could use it if needed.  Cost me a fraction of replacing the full keyboard.

Anyone looking to replace their keys, an annoying thing about is they upsell you AFTER you have completed the transaction. I would have purchased a couple of extra hinges and was tempted by the clear cover thing (I'm Asian!  It's in my genes OK!?) had they put it prior to checkout or during checkout.  So I bought no spares afterwards even though a few hinges would have been great since I still had my keys but the hinges were the broken bits.

I'm just glad that my keyboard is back in action and looking like it's not missing teeth or looking like chipped crockery!


Now to check out Instructables to repurpose my spare keys that I have -- for something more than just a magnet!


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