Sunday, 11 March 2007

Becoming Local

It's strange at the moment as we are new to the area and trying to work out where to shop, where to eat and where to go for different things. Certainly is a lot handier than Mt Kuring-gai! We're now just down the road from a couple of eating options and a petrol station for convenience goods (bread, milk etc).


I was surfing around to get some ideas of where to go for food on which in our case wasn't very helpful. It's all very good to find out there are restaurants near by but the ratings others have given places don't seem to be consistent with our findings.

So far we've gone to the Chinese restaurant in Norwest/Bella Vista (Golden Lake) -- very delicious! We've gone to a couple of Thai restaurants (one in Stanhope Gardens -- Thai Spice and one in Rouse Hill) both great but I would say our choices at Thai Spice definitely tasted better. We've tried the Ettamogah Pub which was good but nothing to really write home about. Certainly handy for us though.

We're still on the hunt for a "noodle joint" where we can eat noodles or rice dishes for cheap. There doesn't seem to be anything of that ilk although Blacktown may have something near the two big chinese grocery shops. We have to try it out.


Grocery shopping seems to be best for me at Aldi at Rouse Hill with the Fruit Barn and Parklea markets a good choice for fresh veges and fruit. I supplement the shopping at Kellyville's Woolworths or the Coles at Stanhope Gardens. Things should pick up when the Kmart opens at Stanhope as well. At the moment we've discovered Winston Hill's shopping centre for Big W... and we have yet to explore Blacktown's Westpoint fully.

We've discovered the Blacktown Chinese grocery stores which is tucked around the station near Humphries Lane and 1st Avenue. Maybe a place to revisit.


Today we had kiddies / relos visiting us and we rode our bikes around Rouse Hill Regional Park. They have a flying fox (wire style) and all these fun sort of things as well as a fantastic undercover (large undercover!) BBQ area. Great for large gatherings.

That's so far for the discovering... I do wish there was some webpage or forum that discussed where to go and what to do for newbies to a particular neighbourhood!