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Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

I have an Evernote category called "Business Ideas" and often I will throw a few things in there or file things in there (although I really am not the best filer in the world.  Even my email now there is only 3 folders.  Inbox, "Archived" - thanks Gmail for that tip! and Trash/Spam.) But in the recent few days (this last week really), I've been deluged with ideas.  Good ideas.  Ideas that may be worth pursuing.  I wonder if it's because I've been to a few startup type events in the last week?  Probably. So what are the ideas? There are 3 of them.  One which will still be stealth mode as I'm not sure if I'll be eligible to do anything with it. The others... well let's just get on with it. 1. Stealth There is an innovation challenge at work (Transport for NSW) which is going to be open for submissions soon for the Learners Log book.  Something I was pooh poohing as lacking innovation but it occurred to me (as I often hear the ideas that

Mid May update

I just updated my "now" page... and rather than hiding the photos there as I'd wipe them in the next update I thought it was good enough for an actual blog post.  Because without a photo I'm not prompted to update... I'll do a couple of retro updates too for the previous months as I think it's pretty good to have a curated set of photos indicating what I've been up to! Non photo'd progress is that I'm being coached by a developer. Let's me flit from one topic to another from using Sourcetree and understanding git principles to learning to evaluate code.  All for working on BadgerMe .  It's going OK except the tech is letting me down.  And that's getting me down.  Argh.  I spend one day of the week working on my own stuff including BadgerMe and other bits and bobs.  I still have dreams about New Home Review but it may never come to fruition as it's just a lot of work. Ridiculousness at work has seriously broken me.  I discovere