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Predictions for 2010

One of the only fun applications I have is the Magic 8 ball (FortuneBall) application. The accuracy is somewhat questionable so here I will list some questions and the answer as predicted by the FortuneBall app. Names have been somewhat hidden to protect the not so innocent: Will the EEP meet and "get" her dream guy in 2010? Signs point to yes Will "Be your own hero" Treehugger meet and "get" her dream guy in 2010? My sources say no Will G&J fall pregnant in 2010? Yes Will Will and Von finish painting, oiling and floorboards by March 2010? Better not tell you now Will we finish the house and be able to relax at Howes Valley by April 2010? It is certain Will Yvonne get to her goal weight by April 2010? Outlook good

Batman is now a family member

On Monday 2nd November 2009, I got my usual feed of newly listed dogs from Petrescue . A dog called Batman - a cross Miniature Schnauzer and caviler was listed... and he was very cute! So I called up and arranged to meet him that evening. Needless to say we brought him home (a little unprepared) that night! He's now a family member and has met some of the extended family after a car trip to Padstow Heights and to Wattle Grove. Photo of him here:

NOSH Footrace

I participated in the 2009 NOSH Footrace. But only as a walker. It was 15kms of muddy trails and rocks to scramble over. There were sections which were technically more difficult than any of the Oxfam trail but I think that was due to the extra water on the trail. There was a section where Julie had to sacrifice her (at the time) dry left food and I had managed to sink into a very deep mud hole. Julie and I managed to finish in just under 3 hours. Even if the last 1km was a lot longer than any 1km I had walked before! Nikki somehow managed to run the 15kms in a very respectable time. Photo is of my very muddy trailwalker shoes!

Doing the Nightwalk

On Friday 29 May 2009, 11 of us trailwalkers: Team Eat Drink Walk Sleep (Yvonne, Will, Avelyn, Nathan) Two Peas Pursue a Spud (Pauline, Paul, Sue, Spuddy) Flying Mozzie Hidden Leech (Moz, Brett, Evelyn) braved the rainy weather and met up at the car park in Apple Tree Bay . After a brief discussion in the rain it was decided that we would go ahead and walk from CP2 (Berowra) to CP3 (Apple Tree Bay) with a 'safety' car in Mt Kuring-gai (just after the dreadful long driveway). Headtorches on we headed off through the streets of Berowra towards the trail. With a few stops to stretch, count off and just to work out where the trail was, the group managed to be injury free and finish the walk in 4 hours and 14 minutes. Not too bad for limited vision on the trail and a wrong turn by half of the group. We worked out the walkie talkies don't work too good in this terrain! Headtorches: give a surprising amount of light. But probably not enough if it was an individual person but t

Oxfam Trailwalker

One thing we're going to attempt this year is the Oxfam Trailwalker . It's a 100km walk which needs to be completed in 48 hours. The walk isn't till the end of August but that really doesn't give us that much time to get ourselves fit enough to do the walk! It's already early April and we have had 3 practice walks under our belt. That is if we don't count the 25km Seven Bridges walk we did in September 2008! Unfortunately the 25km walk was an easy peasy walk as it was on pavement... the Trailwalker is through tough bush land. The second practice walk on the trail was the first leg of the actual trailwalker and one of the team members really underestimated it... and didn't have enough food or water. Actually none of us had enough food and water as by 3/4 of the way through our group had no more water left! But as they say practice makes perfect... so we're continuing to improve on what we bring and what we wear. During the easter weekend we'll d

we gots eggs! (well 1 egg)

Yep... finally, after much anticipation we have finally got our first egg. It arrived sometime on Monday 5th January 2009. It's fairly small and a relatively white egg. Here's a photo of the first egg: I *think* it came from Wilma, mainly as she was exhibiting some very strange behaviour on Sunday where she dug a hole and then dustbathed in it. Whilst that wasn't that strange... it was the way in which she did it. Also as I am expecting Betty (Australorp) to lay a darker coloured egg... but that could just be my misconceptions. And here I was waiting for the crouching behaviour etc and watching for red combs etc.