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Low Sugar Almond croissants

Recently I've been really seeking out Almond Croissants.  It started with an almond croissant at Sonoma Cafe in Alexandria.  They had one in the glass cabinet and it was calling my name.  I don't think I have had one prior to that for years.  It was ah-mahzing!  Flakey, a bit gooey and with lots of almond flake goodness. Since then I've sought it out and had a mix of good and bad ones.  But then I had a thought to make it myself.  And so the internet uncovered a number of great looking recipes but I landed on one called  Almond Croissants Recipe (French Bakery Style) .  It was on Natasha's Kitchen's website (link to the actual recipe here ).  It's not a site I had frequented.  I don't tend to follow food bloggers but do recognise when I've been to a site after a few times. Whenever I follow a recipe I never follow it to a tee.  I tend to modify it and cook very much wha