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Montreal trip and food

Our trip to Montreal has been great. We're already on a cruise ship to Quebec City and down to Boston. In the meantime here are some of the photo highlights Dunn's Famous Smoked meat window Dunn's Famous - Cake and dessert window Dunn's Famous Diner (not the one downtown) Half of what is left of Will's Smoked Meat sandwich (actually it was  Club Roll) I ordered the Smoked Meat Club sandwich-- yum!!  But I asked for a side of something 'else' other than fries and ended up with rice.  Which I didn't eat.  Lesson learned - just order the club sandwich with no sides.  The coleslaw and pickle weren't my thing although I ate most of the coleslaw. Carrot cake.  I wanted the carrot cheesecake but there was no way we'd fit it in.  This shared 4 ways was fine... after I took half my sandwich home in a doggy bag! The 3 day metro pass was $18 and a bargain allowing us to catch the bus and metro.  I used Google Maps and Tra

How to get your AT&T GoPhone at SFO airport

So can you get a SIM card at SFO to use in both Canada and USA?   I thought I'd share as after lots of searching I wasn't able to get a good answer. The answer is yes you can get a Prepaid SIM card kit in the international airport. Just after security there are two vending machines, one for BestBuy and the other AT&T. The AT&T one has GoPhone kits and recharge Top ups. We got two starter kits for $10.98 each after taxes. The kits cater for nano, micro and standard size SIM card requirements. We used the * and # type codes and the refill numbers we had organised previously. Had we not already has the recharge amounts the vending machine would have been good to use. The instructions are in the Getting Started guide otherwise just use: Use the phone dialler and dial *888* + Refill card PIN number + # (example: *888*1234567899874#) Press Send. To use the vending machines was just a matter of swiping a credit card so no need to get a US credit card. Here&