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Showing posts from April, 2014

Howes Valley update

Howes Valley is now for sale... Again. We decided to try a Sydney agent Cutcliffe and have informed Ray White in Singleton. We only realized the agreement had lapsed end of December!  But they had continued to list the property which was good. Anyway it's all now with Cutcliffe. I tried to increase awareness by building a blog which I've neglected but may try and spend a few hours fixing it and publishing over this long weekend. We'll be going up to the property to do some Weed and Feed. Last time we went up we saw there was some fruit including passion fruit!  And the usual figs which never seem to make it!

Falling back

It's been a while since I've blogged here... Mainly as I have too many blogs to update these days!  99interns is the most regular as there is accountability, Oddswop is neglected as there is too much happening and my house blog is often updated as I'm so engaged!  I tried doing a blurt out blog on oddstart but that didn't last long. Too few hours per day. I do think maybe a social media platform will work better. Maybe I should be using g+ for that type of thing? Worth thinking about. Today is the start of new beginnings. Any day is or hour or minute. But with an earlier start due to daylight savings ending it feels good....