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My first uber experience as a passenger

My first uber experience as a passenger I finally caved.  And used my 'free' uber ride from one end of Sydney city to the other.  And it was OK, but not revolutionary.  To be clear it was an uberX trip.  Which is the ride sharing version.  Where every day people can sign up and become an uber driver and effectively start up a business providing rides.  Think of it as a rickshaw service with GPS location and air conditioning. Oh and an app.  It's all about the app. I covered the uber app user experience for onboarding a little while back. I think it's great.  A great use of the squillions of dollars they have raised too to invest in user experience.  But the user experience extends to the experience in the car.  And more importantly the experience waiting for a car. When starting the app it automatically picks up your location (turn on location services on your phone peeps!  yes they are tracking us but the benefit is huge... ).  Unfortunately the location can so