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I'm giving myself a massive pat on the back as I have completed Week 5 Day 3 of the Couch to 5km program. I started Week 5 on Monday but felt very bleah so didn't run... (not a good start) but made up for it by getting up early on Tuesday morning and doing my 5 minute/3 minute intervals. That was a really good run. Then on Wednesday evening I did my 8 minute/5 minute intervals which was a killer. Those 8 minutes could not finish fast enough. I can definitely say I was very very apprehensive about the 20 minute break through run... but this morning (Friday morning) I did it! I walked Batman (dog) when I first got up and then when I got back I started on the treadmill. Did my 5 minute warm up at 6.5kph then decided to back off the running to 9.0kph (usually run at 9.2kph and walk at 6.5kph). And I did it. With my trusty Sandisk clip MP3 player and the darkness of the morning I jogged for the 20 minutes straight! AND I felt like I could keep going for another 10 minutes