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Predictions for 2010

One of the only fun applications I have is the Magic 8 ball (FortuneBall) application. The accuracy is somewhat questionable so here I will list some questions and the answer as predicted by the FortuneBall app. Names have been somewhat hidden to protect the not so innocent: Will the EEP meet and "get" her dream guy in 2010? Signs point to yes Will "Be your own hero" Treehugger meet and "get" her dream guy in 2010? My sources say no Will G&J fall pregnant in 2010? Yes Will Will and Von finish painting, oiling and floorboards by March 2010? Better not tell you now Will we finish the house and be able to relax at Howes Valley by April 2010? It is certain Will Yvonne get to her goal weight by April 2010? Outlook good