Thursday, 31 December 2009

Predictions for 2010

One of the only fun applications I have is the Magic 8 ball (FortuneBall) application. The accuracy is somewhat questionable so here I will list some questions and the answer as predicted by the FortuneBall app. Names have been somewhat hidden to protect the not so innocent:
  • Will the EEP meet and "get" her dream guy in 2010? Signs point to yes
  • Will "Be your own hero" Treehugger meet and "get" her dream guy in 2010? My sources say no
  • Will G&J fall pregnant in 2010? Yes
  • Will Will and Von finish painting, oiling and floorboards by March 2010? Better not tell you now
  • Will we finish the house and be able to relax at Howes Valley by April 2010? It is certain
  • Will Yvonne get to her goal weight by April 2010? Outlook good