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Where is my traffic coming from? Ukraine??

This blog is hosted using Blogger... just because it's simple and I don't need to worry about it. It's fairly invisible as I don't really blog much but it provides a platform for me to 'share' without having to resort to social media.  Anyway I thought I'd have a look at where traffic was hitting the blog and this is what I saw: Yeach.  Really ugly.  What the heck are these sites?  Please don't send me traffic.  I don't care if no one reads it. Most of my traffic seems to come from the Ukraine?!

How to win at online application forms - 9 winning strategies

OK while I can't guarantee you a win, here are 9 winning strategies to being shortlisted when submitting an application online. This post applies for job applications too but I thought I'd share my thoughts on the 'reviewer' side of an online application.  I'm currently about 1/3 of the way through an initial review of some online applications.  In this case it was for a competition type thing at work (I work at TfNSW in the Digital team and we're processing the Open Data registrations of interest ) but the process it the same.  I've also been reviewing some 'job' applications for one of my latest startup ventures so these tips do cross over into that realm too. I've filled in a number of these types of forms in the past and for whatever reason didn't appreciate what effort should go into responding!  So to help you avoid the same issue I thought I'd share some tips about what you can do to help your online form based ap