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Square Foot Gardening

I've been a fan of square foot gardening for years.  Our first one was in Kellyville Ridge where we had one bed with the squares.  The concept just makes sense.  Break down the spacing based on a 1 square foot square.  In metric terms that's a 30 cm (ish!) square. This time I bought some garden beds from Bunnings and just used them.  We have finally landed on a design we like incorporating our chicken coop and the 4 garden beds. This is what we ended up with in the front yard. One of the garden beds has been in storage so looks very new!  Over time it will age.  Each square is just a tad under 1.2m.  It's actually about 1.140m on the inside.  So each square will be around 28.5cm. I just bought the equivalent of Mel's mix.  It's expensive!  But worth it as we have tried the mix before and it does work well. The mix is 1/3 each of vermiculite, peat moss and a mixed compost. I bought most of the mix from Enfield Produce because they sold 'bulk' s

A night in a tiny house

I'm big on tiny houses.  I suspect it's a holdover from when I was a kid and loved cubby houses and dreamt of making a usable space out of things like a car (this was when I was really really small!) or a bus or a railway carriage.  Or a shipping container. In the last 10 years or so the Tiny House movement has taken off.  And I fell in love with the tiny houses being built by Jay Shaffer and  Tumbleweed  homes.  Jay has since moved on and started  Four Lights Tiny House  homes.  I've spent many hours looking at the houses, floor plans and investigating what is required to do something similar in Australia and the rules and regulations for building a tiny house.  But it's been a bit of a dreaming only. So when I saw there was a crowdfunding campaign for a flat packed tiny house in Australia I was in! Greetings from a flatpacked tiny home! Articles about the home here:

Robot Mould Popsicles - how little things matter

It's the little things that matter.  The ones that make all the difference.  One of my very good friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday.  At first I was thinking something practical.  In the end I requested some popsicle moulds.  But I was specific and wanted the Tovolo Robot Pop moulds. Each robot is different and were very cute. But popsicles?  I never eat them.  So the question was posed why I wanted them.  I love ice cream but usually scoopable stuff rather than popsicles.  And never the icy frozen sugar water stuff.  But by making my own I could make sugar free popsicles including a peanut butter one.   The delivery came on Monday Yep you can start seeing why it was on my list of desirable items! And of course I had a day at home yesterday and made up something.  I had some Coconut Cream Keffir, some frozen mango and a spoonful of rice malt syrup and whizzed it up.  I had no idea if it would work out but wasn't too concerned as I just wan