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Doing the Nightwalk

On Friday 29 May 2009, 11 of us trailwalkers:
Team Eat Drink Walk Sleep (Yvonne, Will, Avelyn, Nathan)
Two Peas Pursue a Spud (Pauline, Paul, Sue, Spuddy)
Flying Mozzie Hidden Leech (Moz, Brett, Evelyn)
braved the rainy weather and met up at the car park in Apple Tree Bay.

After a brief discussion in the rain it was decided that we would go ahead and walk from CP2 (Berowra) to CP3 (Apple Tree Bay) with a 'safety' car in Mt Kuring-gai (just after the dreadful long driveway).

Headtorches on we headed off through the streets of Berowra towards the trail. With a few stops to stretch, count off and just to work out where the trail was, the group managed to be injury free and finish the walk in 4 hours and 14 minutes. Not too bad for limited vision on the trail and a wrong turn by half of the group. We worked out the walkie talkies don't work too good in this terrain!

Headtorches: give a surprising amount of light. But probably not enough if it was an individual person but the light from the person behind and infront helps a lot! Very different experience but certainly not unpleasant.


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