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A fresh start in a new town in a new year - hello 2022!

It's difficult to reflect on 2022 when 2021 ended on such a mixed way.

With the plandemic it seems that a government job isn't very secure if you want to care about your health more than a living. The Monday before Xmas break I was "stood down" as I supposedly am unwilling to work.  Nothing seems to make any sense.

Here's an excerpt of the letter

So I'm on forced leave till 7 February.  I don't have much in the way of leave and as a fixed term contractor I don't have any long service leave. At this stage based on my No Regrets policy I'm still OK with my decision. I do not actually understand how this can be legal but unfortunately I am no lawyer.

The other bad news at the end of 2021 was the passing of Auntie Ivy. May she rest in peace. I was very saddened about the event but also somewhat mollified that she died doing something she loved. She loved abseiling and died from "falling" in an accident - the article - She really did love her life - due to all the tributes that flowed in I realised she really knew how to live her life! Her dancing, her zest for life when learning to ride a bike, her gardening and so much more. We should all try and live life more fully and really understand the important things in life. Seeing Tom so heartbroken was very tragic.

As part of the leave I have taken advantage of the time to see if I will like Bowen QLD as a place to settle down! The family I'm staying with is so wonderful and has provided me a lot of useful tips and skills for the apocalyptic future I'm anticipating. Or at least I'll be more sustainable!  Bowen boasts 8 beaches for the town and has a couple of supermarkets and I don't know what else as I haven't really explored. It's very hot which makes it even more difficult to explore!

The family have shown me a lot already with a trip down to Airlie Beach and a trip up to Townsville (to pick up Pepper!) In addition to all of that they have shown me how they set crab pots and check/collect them too!  There's also the thought of learning to fish too! I may even have to become a fisher(wo)man! The other day I also participated in processing a few roosters!

Front Beach in Bowen

The "Big" Mango

Crab - caught and cooked by my hosts

On the water to catch crabs!

Getting here was quite fancy with a railbed adventure

During the day it just looks like a big leg room seat

Peering in at Roma St Station Brisbane.

So my arrival in Bowen was quite exciting and helped to try and make me not think about the job situation. At some point I will need to worry about the financial implications but I've pushed that aside for now.

In terms of what I anticipate 2022 will bring it's not great. More lockdowns, more restrictions for everyone and more control by the government. I know there are other more optimistic people saying that sanity will return but I'm realistic. I look at what China has been. And the novels I read when new conquerors win a war. The populace learn to live with the new authority. I just hope that I will have enough time to learn to become more self-sufficient. 

I'm hoping for everyone's sake they are keeping as healthy as possible and detoxing from everything including screens and any additives including additives in foods and water. It's hard when I have been focusing on my health and then find the world turned upside down for something like a cold. I don't even want to take Codrals anymore or Panadol so my viewpoint on "vaccines" and other pharmaceuticals is very negative... 

QLD is very different to NSW especially in terms of the heat. The question for me is will I get use to it??

I hope to blog a bit more with my extra time (when I'm on leave) and possibly set up a Feng Shui website under the Smol brand or I can focus on Datascout International or Geared as a property investment coach. Property is what I love and that only requires me although I do need to get a bit of a presence so maybe it will require YouTube or something. Hmm.. More to think about.  


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