Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Mocoro - our latest pet and gadget in one

Mocoro - fuzzy blue (or pink, yellow or green) gadget that cleans your floor and is fun.  It's marketed as a robotic floor cleaner.  

This guy is hilarious.

Unboxed this guy after purchasing it online month's ago.  It's not the genuine Mocoro as the instructions don't quite work against the actual thing but it doesn't matter.  He's a cool Cookie Monster blue (and comes with different 'covers') and rolls around the floor.  The really cool thing is that he (it?) rolls around in inconsistent ways and often just 'rolls off' to do it's own thing.  It's quite hilarious (strange sense of humour I have maybe?)  It often goes against a wall and just um... becomes fairly affectionate against the wall...

Initial thoughts about the 'useful' part of Mocoro:

  • The zipper makes a bit of a disconcerting noise against the floor and maybe a bit of concern about scratching the floor... 
  • Takes 2 AA batteries (despite saying only 1 battery)  
  • Not sure how long it will last for battery wise as there is some comment about 1 AA battery and 5 hours on the box but since it's not a genuine one... I doubt it and I think it would be based on the battery... 
  • Not sure how good it cleans as this was at my MIL's place which is fairly spotless
  • Not predictable in the way it rolls.  It was happy to roll into the bedroom which is carpeted
  • Hard to turn 'on'
If I had time I'd create little stories featuring the Mocoro.  It'll be hilarious.  Maybe even start me Vining or Instagram video'ing.  Or should it be Meercatting these days?  :)

If you want one for yourself, I'll be listing a few 'spares' I bought on Oddswop (if shipping from Overseas my take was getting a few more).  Although I'm tempted to keep them all for myself and giving them as gifts to others.  

I have used it for a short stint and can confirm that it cleans! 

I have a very dirty cover thing for proof!
Dirty Mocoro
Oh and when rolling around a rug it doesn't seem to have the power to go ontop of the rug so all good.  All the hidden dust and hairs under the seats were cleaned up.  WIN!  

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