Saturday, 1 November 2014

Quitting Sugar?

I have been helping out at I Quit Sugar for the last few months and finished up yesterday.

I was only there as a stop gap whilst they were looking for a CTO... and I managed to help.  It was only meant to be helping recruit someone but in the end we did find someone from my network to help out.  Always happy to connect people I know... hang on... that's the second tech guru I've put onto IQS!

So have I quit sugar?  No, but I am interested in my health and food so I'm more aware of my food and been reading up about fructose and the effects.  I even have my own bottle of rice malt sugar and will be looking to use it as a sugar alternative.

I am more anti wheat than fructose.  To me pasta and bread seems more 'unnatural' than rice and fruit.  But the processed sugar?  Yeah not so good.  Evil?  No but like anything if wielded incorrectly it can be near evil.

For those interested in quitting sugar, definitely check out and Sarah's blog  Always an interesting read!  I've also been checking out Dr Jason Fung's videos about sugar/wheat and the effects on insulin and diabetes.  You can read more on his blog here.

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