Thursday, 22 December 2005

Chooks! (Chickens)

When we do the commune thing -- more about this another time -- I want to have chickens. Once Will and I were driving back from Wollombi and came across one of those road side stalls that sells fruit and veges. Anyway we were out of eggs as well and they had a dozen eggs for sale at $4.00. I thought it was pretty steep but we had no eggs at home either, so I bought them. They were THE best tasting eggs. More eggy than before. Thinking that I had hit on a good thing, I then sought out free range eggs, as we had previously only bought cage eggs (cos we're cheap and I try not to think about those poor chickens) but they weren't as good... so I figure it's because the chickens the eggs came from were more "farm" animals rather than a commercial chicken/egg operation.... so I want my own chooks!

One site with lots of info on raising and housing chickens:


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