Monday, 19 December 2005

Went and saw The Aldy Group about a property and also met up with Jenny for lunch on Saturday.

Thinking about purchasing an investment apartment in Southport Central's Tower 2... Floor Plan G. It's not the most desireable direction (west) which means it will have hinterland and not water views, but an apartment in that tower should do very well... and a hinterland view will still be nice! Not that we get to live in it in any case.

Finally managed to give Jenny the Bath and Body Works stuff we got her in the US. I'm so glad she asked me to get it for her otherwise I'd never have discovered the shop on my own! Apparently she hasn't even been in a store! If I had known I would have gotten her other stuff, but thought I'd better just stick to what she asked for. Lunch was nice although the service left a lot to be desired! I had a great beef noodle salad. Yum.

Why do salads always taste nicer when someone else makes them? For the Family Xmas lunch I'm meant to bring a salad. I'm thinking a Cobb Salad... now I just have to find a recipe! I may do a cake as well as I have an urge to bake! Prolly a cheesecake.

Rusty and Natasha are coming home for Xmas. That'll be nice to catch up with them. Not sure what we are going to on the actual Xmas day though. Prob just veg. Although I think it'd be nice if Will and I could take the bike/s somewhere local and ride around some trails.

Looking forward to getting my air conditioner. Should be soon although when I checked on the Star Track site no further info other than it's been "picked up" essentially. Since it's the same depot (Sydney) not sure what that means...

Played the new Grow game. (As found on the Jay is Games site.) Great for Xmas.

Hmm... thinking of getting Will a game for Xmas. Nothing big just something for him to open on Xmas day.

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