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Eyefix scheduling

Eyefix schedule planning starts here!

I'm great at finding things to do.  Never stops.  And the eyefix thing has been going on for quite a few years now.  As per my previous post I want to start to do this in a more structured way and document what works and what doesn't work... for me! YMMV.

And recently I have been reading about a concept called Biohacking (love it! There is a beginners guide to Biohacking here) and even a way to create a habit.  So I thought I would do it with this eyefix project.  I have less than a week to go on holidays so I'll set up my first experiment so that the holiday I can still do whatever it is that I choose for the first experiment.  So it can't be something that relies on being at home.

The outline of the schedule is going to be two week 'sprints' with whatever I do on a daily basis (or per the recommended schedule in the two week period).


I'll benchmark based on eye chart now hung in sunroom.  It's an eye chart designed to be read at 3metres (usually they are done at 6m).  I'll do it during the day and to keep it somewhat consistent I'll shine a halogen light on it.  The benchmark will be done
1. without glasses,
2. with my 'normal' glasses
3. without glasses and squinting
4. without glasses again
With a record of which line I can read up to.  The 20/20 line is the second from the bottom line or line 13.

Benchmark of the benchmark!  At around midday 3 December 2014
At this point I can only see

  • Without glasses Line 1 (it's a bit hit and miss tbh!)
  • With normal glasses Line 12
  • Without glasses and squinting Line 5
  • Without glasses Line 1 (but clearer)

This is the setup:
Eyefix experiment eye chart - using it to record the progress
The setup is the chart bluetacked onto a cupboard and with a halogen lamp pointing at it.


1 new experiment every 2 weeks.  Start on a Sunday as chances are I wake up when it's light and can make sure I do the benchmark reading in daylight.

Whilst recordings can be done anytime the benchmark ones will be the ones on Sunday.  Where I can I will do a mid experiment reading and then end of experiment reading.

If there is progress from the 2 weeks of doing the activity it is intended that I continue that experiment and layer on the next one if possible.  This is to make sure I get the best out of this as possible.  It may be not so scientific to do it that way but I am trying to fix my eyes after all and I'm not getting any younger!

First experiment

The first experiment has to be an easy one I can do anywhere.  So it's either the Jen Jolan one or the eye patches (more in another post).  I've been doing the Jen Jolan one on and off but not in a regular way which is what I'm hoping this series will fix for me and the eye patches are one of the easiest but Will doesn't like the smell and in a small cabin (going on a cruise!) this may get a bit difficult.  So Jen Jolan is the first one for trial!

About the activity / experiment

Experiment 1: Rapid Eye Blinking

Jen Jolan has a lot of ebooks out there about weight loss.  It's a bit spammy sounding but I find her books easy to read (although quite repetitive) and they are cheap so it's no real loss even if you don't like them.  Who says you need expensive books or high production documentaries to make sure a diet is legit?  Anyway her eyesight improvement thing can be found on the web e.g.

There is an ebook also that goes into more 'advanced' stuff as well as foods to eat and advanced techniques.

Basically it's blinking. Yep rapid blinking for a minute 5 times a day.  So easy to do that I've been doing it when walking the dog.  But it looks crazy when people see you so I then stop.  So I'll have to do this in the room or behind a pair of sunnies or under a wide brimmed hat!

The trick this time is to do it consistently and measure it and see if there is a difference.

There is the advanced technique of incorporating eye exercises in the 5 minutes with eye rolls in all the usual ways.  Up and down, side to side, round and round clockwise, round and round anticlockwise, diagonals and the other diagonals.  Let's see how I go without and if within days I can do this easily I may add the exercises. But I'll report back what I end up doing.

Environment and Microhabits

As a acknowledgement of the article I read about willpower and habit forming (you can read it here) the environment will be setting up a reminder on my phone and using the Tabata app I have to record the 1 minute 'sessions'.  (It's hard to read a clock when you are blinking rapidly!)  I'll set reminders every 2 hours from 7am through to 10pm.  That is actually 7 times but I figured there will be one or two I'll want to skip as I may in the middle of eating!  I'll also record in my calendar if I've done at least five minutes in a Seinfield Chain sort of way.  And this blog will keep me accountable.

I've set up the recording mechanism of the baselining via a Google Forms which then puts it into a Google spreadsheet.  

OK off to setup my reminders (Google Now) and my Tabata for the 1 minute timers.  


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