Monday, 22 December 2014

Cruise ports NZ

On our cruise  with Royal Caribbean on Voyager of the Seas, we stopped in Auckland, Tauranga (Rotorua), Napier, Wellington, Picton in New Zealand.  Here are just some of the photos from the ports:

Auckland in the dawn light

Bored with normal photos I used an app to take this

Auckland Zoo's Rhino

Always love seeing Giraffes

We just watched the Penguins of Madagascar on the ship in 3D

Went to MOFAT museum.  

Auckland's Sky Tower in the reflection

Giapo's cones (we didn't have any of them)

Creating a Gelato masterpiece here

The weather was terrible but we had booked in for a Railcruising so after driving there we hopped into these self driving cars

View from the back seat is good

The Mount from the ship.  The weather really was terrible.

Yep.  We're welcome but it'd be better in good weather I suspect!

Napier puts on a great welcoming party with music, flowers and dressed up characters

Went to the national Aquarium.  Seahorses!

Piranhas stay so still.  It's amazing! 

Gold fish.  I wonder if they would adopt Aquaponics ;)

Napier's lovely Art Deco buildings

Wellington's cable car view

Queuing for the cable car...

Botanic Gardens greenhouse 

Need rice!  Need Sashimi.  Love the artwork on these walls.  So bold.

I've seen this how many times now in Wellington!?  (my 4th visit to Wellington)

Old St Paul's Cathedral

At each of the ports it looks like they are deforesting NZ!  Or it's timber season.

In Picton we were on a cruise that specialises in deliveries.  Tourists are cream were we pay to watch them deliver goods... 

Queen Charlotte's Sound is amazing and these places are only accessible by boat

Or helicopter!

The water is amazingly blue and clear.

And yes we are back in Sydney.  So many photos of the Sydney Opera house and it still doesn't get old.  
Check out the food post as well.  As with all of these, photos more than words :)

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