Saturday, 26 November 2011

The Eye Fix–Doing the Star Chart Drill

After the first run of exercises, I tried to get around with just wearing either my really weak contact lenses I had from before (they were daily ones which were around –4.50) but it wasn’t working too good.  But it was a whole site better than trying to walk around with the –4.00 or –2.75 glasses which John had provided me.  I lasted a whole of one work day and a weekend before I reverted to wearing my normal contact lenses.  These normal contact lenses had already been backed off by me so hopefully didn’t impede my progress too much.

To give you some idea of the progress, whilst wearing the –2.75 lenses I had to bring my laptop very close to be able to do any work.  Right now I’m typing away at my laptop in a normal position and I’m doing fine!!

So today was a cloudy with periods of sunshine type day.  I was able to do some drills including the first time with the Star Chart.  So I first did my distance drills and saw a bit of improvement.  And then I did my Star Chart drill and was very excited about the improvement. John did indicate that I would be OK with the –4.00 and driving and at the time I was very concerned about the state of blur but after the star chart drill I think it will be fine. 

So here are the results:


I was standing in the same position as before so the improvement from the start to today is 4 lines!  When using the –4.00 lenses I was only able to get to line 9 with both eyes, now it’s line 13 using the same lenses!  (The exclamations marks are due to my level of excitement).

So anyone who is “only” –2.00 ish in short sightedness I urge you to contact John and give it a go rather than do the laser surgery. 

I will continue and see how much progress I can now make but I suspect the ‘bulk’ of the improvement has been already made.  But I can be convinced otherwise… I didn’t think I would be able to drive with those –4.00 lenses and that one set of exercises has disproved that assumption.

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