Thursday, 24 May 2007

On the way into the city on the Bullet Bus

I'm on the coach service which is the Bullet Bus ( which I decided I would trial for 1 month to see how I go. This morning, I bulked up my shoes with extra insoles to cope with the two hikes to and from work between the bus stop which is on the Northern end of town. I was prepared to walk! I left the house at 6.50am and walked down to the Ettamogah Hotel where the bus/coach was waiting.

I hopped on but the bus driver wasn't able to help me purchase any tickets as it was his first day too! So I've left my name and mobile number with the driver. I just hope I manage to work out where to catch the afternoon bus! (And leave work on time -- about 5.30pm -- to make it to the 6pm bus).

The BulletBus coach is very comfy, and doesn't have that awful rubber/plastic smell that seems to permeate the Hillbus. I constantly feel like I'm going to puke with the stench of rubber when I get on the 6.12 pm 616 bus from the city! And then the bus driver is one of those on/off brake people... but that could be a problem with the buses themselves.

The main driving forces for me to start the BulletBus is the timesaving but more importantly is the poor service of Hillsbus and the awful smell of rubber/plastic! The BulletBus would be convenient if I worked near Wynyard, but I'm near World Square / Chinatown so it makes life a bit more difficult. But I figure I'd get some exercise by walking to and from the bus stop. It just needs me to leave work on time. I suppose the times I do miss my cut off point to leave work I can always default to the stinky bus!

The other benefits about BulletBus (v Hillsbus) include:
  • the fact I don't need to carry cash around all the time! I'm constantly running out of cash due to having to catch the bus;
  • Space! I can use my laptop without having to take one of the seats that is taller than others so I can slightly overhang the seat in front to fit!
  • Cushy/Comfy seats
  • Non stinky bus (ooh I think I've mentioned this before :) )
  • Non stop service -- this is the main selling point of the bus trip. I can do a "direct" trip from home to the city. Hmm... maybe I should be looking for a new job closer to Wynyard? ;)

So far, so good. Traffic on the M2 still sucks, but at least we're rolling along. This happens on the early (6.30am) 616X bus anyway and even that bus gets me into work before 8am. Thank goodness for the Lane Cove Tunnel.

I urge anyone who is in the area to give the BulletBus a go. I think it's a fantastic service even though it's more expensive than a Hillsbus trip, I think the extra is worth it.

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