Tuesday, 8 May 2007

I haven't posted for a while so there is a fair amount to catch up on. One of the things I'd like to make note of are the things that are available to us in the local area of Kellyville Ridge.

I can reassure people that we are able to get ADSL 2 although we were unable to get Optus Cable in this area. We use TPG

3G Phone - Three
I use a 3G Three Data card all the way into the city and also have a 3 Mobile phone and reception at our place seems to be fine.

I'm now catching a 616x bus into the city which is run by Hillsbus. Whilst I miss Busways, the Lane Cove Tunnel Express (as marked by the x in the bus route) gets me into the city in a reasonable amount of time. I have readjusted my bus to the 6.50am bus and get into work by 8.30am. (The 6.30am bus was getting me into the office 7.45am which was too early!). My return trip I try and get on the 5.52pm bus (from World Square bus stop) and it's getting me home by 7.30pm at the latest.

The bus costs me $5.60 each way. There is no discount for a return ticket although a weekly ticket is only $48. Unfortunately I miss too many buses to make this worthwhile.

At least now I have other options if I'm late as I can catch the Train to Parramatta and then the T65 from Parramatta Station which goes on the T-way all the way to Merriville Road.

Another option is the BulletBus which is a fantastic non stop service (and just down the road from home!!) but only stops at Wynyard Park in the city... working down near World Square and having limited services coming home just makes this too hard! The other thing I love about the BulletBus idea is no requirement for cash! I really hate it when I find I only have a $50 note in the morning and need to get on the bus...

Our closest shops are Stanhope Gardens. Recently a K-mart has opened there which makes it very handy.
Of course we appreciate the local Bunnings (Norwest) and Supercheap Auto (Norwest) too! We've recently visited our local

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