Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Bargain Hunter now Live -- Looking for Bloggers!

A shameless plug for the website I have been wanting to launch for years now.  www.bargainhunter.com.au went quietly live in February.  I’m now looking for extra content for the site from bloggers and people who are willing to write full articles.

I’ve had some interesting feedback about the site from the beta testers (thanks to all of those who did some testing and provided feedback!).  One thing I had forgotten is that I had already disassociated the ‘bargain’ part of the URL from my thinking.  There are so many deal sites out there that long ago I decided it was going to be re-shaped as a shopping hub of information about how to shop and where to shop for certain things rather than having just special deals. 

Also the feeds from other sites which did log ‘bargains’ and deals were seen to be akin to advertising.  I plan to move those to somewhere more suitable.  Maybe a ‘deals’ page?  I also wanted to make use of the existing online catalogues similar to what Lasoo already do.  There are a couple of sites out there that do this already but I don’t think it has captured the attention of the web community.  Or maybe it’s just me they haven’t captured!

Would love more feedback about the site if you have some or just head over there to check it out and contribute on the forums!  Let me know if you are interested in blogging as well.  I really do need some more content Smile.

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