Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Chart Lenses

I received a nicely packaged set of new chart lenses from John yesterday. It was 'disguised' as an Xmas card :). Australia Post or Canada Post took their time as John told me he sent them on Dec 13th!

John had organised for them to be tinted grey so I could tell the difference. These would now be my chart lenses which would help me with locking in the improvements and my night vision.

So I tested my eyes on the chart and at a distance of 3 metres in good lighting the results were as follows:
Naked eye Line 1 but blurry!
With -2.75 glasses Line 6 but blurry. Strangely I can almost in my periphery see up to line 8 but it is very elusive. Even Line 6 is blurry but I can make out the letters which is what I use as my gauge.

I then did the distance drill first with my left eye and then my right eye with the old lenses for 1.5 mins each eye. It is a lovely day outside although quite hot!

I cracked open the new grey lenses for the chart drill and put both of these on and proceeded to the kitchen with the lights turned on to do my chart drill. I'm always uncertain if I'm doing it right but the results seem to indicate something good is happening. After a couple of minutes (at most!) I then took the lenses out and went to the 3 metre mark to do my 'after' test.

Naked eye Line 4 but blurry (yep an improvement of 3 lines!!)
With -2.75 glasses Line 8 but blurry. So an improvement of 2 lines. That's pretty good except I'm at 3 metres... and the chart if I could read Line 8 at 6 metres would indicate that I have 20/20 vision. So a while to go yet!

I've also been trying to incorporate 'blinking' for 5 minutes (rapid blinking) into my day. I read somewhere that this is a good way to improve eyesight and I figure it can't really hurt as it's meant to be Oxygenating my eyes. In any case it's 5 minutes and I've been doing that straight after any Tabata exercises I do or I fit them in otherwise.

Overall it's still exciting to see the progress!

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