Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Eye Update

I’m continuing my eye exercises every second or third day so do it about 3 times a week – usually in the morning light.  I’m sure I would get better results during the middle of the day but I don’t have the right facilities to do it at lunch time.

The results have been good and I’ve been slowly making improvements.  John has now got me some soft contact lenses –2.00 for both my right and left eyes.  These are meant to somehow ‘remind’ my eyes the shape they are meant to be in as well as offering some correction so that I can at least see things to some extent.  I’m still struggling in meeting rooms and either choose the seat closest to the screen or the furthest one so I can use my glasses.  (I put the glasses on top of the contacts).  John wasn’t too sure that was a good idea but since it works so well when I drive I have asked him to send me some less strong glasses, as the –2.75 lenses with the –2.00 contacts is really good for night time driving but really over strong for everything else. 

My eyes in the last few months have felt some ‘pain’.  Maybe it’s just muscular pain from the ‘exercising’.  It’s nothing persistent but can be somewhat annoying.  I do convince myself that the pains are good and that my eyes must be changing for them to feel that way Smile

John has asked me now to do the Distance and Chart drills with both eyes with lenses at the same time. It reduces the exercise time so I’m happy.  I’ve been taken on as a long term client which I’m pleased about.  Apparently everyone wants a quick fix (so do I!!  but I’m a bit more realistic considering how many years I’ve been wearing contacts and glasses). 

So the results at 6m distance is as follows (using –2.75 glasses):

  • Before exercise – lines 4 or 5
  • After exercises – line 6 or 7

So still managing to make improvements which is good. 


Sharon said...

Hi Yvonne,

I chanced upon your blog while researching more on Ortho C and I'm really happy your vision has improved! I live in melbourne and am wondering how often John has to test your eyes as he prescribes new lenses for you. Did you have to travel to Canada for your initial consultation and after which, you update him on your progress via email?


Anonymous said...

How have your eyes been since January? I am thinking of getting Ortho C.