Friday, 14 October 2011

The Eye Fix project

Over the past few years I’ve been trying to improve my eyesight without laser surgery.  I keep thinking back to a conversation I had with someone when Hurricane Katrina went through the US and their comment about possibly not being able to see what was happening in an event of a catastrophe.  That’d be me.  I wouldn’t be able to find my contacts, and even if I did, how long would it be OK to wear them for before they didn’t work?  I’d be blind.  I don’t mind a bit of a blur but I’d have to be able to see anything dangerous.

So I started investigating options.  Whilst friends of mine and my brother all got laser surgery and highly recommended it, I just am not convinced that is the way to go.  I searched the internet for some options.  I even went to a training course in Mosman run by Vision Training to learn some techniques.  They were good but I didn’t have the dedication to practice and train my eyes as much as I should.  Also the methodology was around pranic healing which is all good and well but I didn’t see any real improvement from this type of healing.  Maybe I had to be a real believer first?  Or just do it over and over and over again until it worked.  Regardless I didn’t and it hasn’t worked for me. 

So some of my other options were:

  • chikung
  • Martin Sussman
  • Bates Method
  • Plus Lens therapy

Of these, the plus lens therapy sounded appealing to me so I went out and bought some plus lenses to try out.  Again due to my sheer laziness I haven’t managed to do too much there! 

From one of the chikung websites there was a review of Ortho C which had a method whereby you wore a special lens just once and it would improve your eyesight.  It sounded like my sort of thing!  Although I like a structured approach and the constant reliance of “just” doing exercises was a bit difficult for me.  Wearing a set of lenses would be much easier.

So I went to the website for Reversing Near Sightedness and ordered the book. 

After a couple of years of procrastination and trying the plus lens therapy and doing the pranic healing on and off and the eye exercises I decided to contact John from Reversing Near Sightedness again.  This time I am ordering the ‘program’.  Normally John works out of a clinic in Toronto Canada but my being in Australia means it’s a bit difficult for me to get to his practice!  He’s kindly set me up on an email program which he has heavily discounted.

So to start with this is what we have done so far:

  • Got my contact lens prescription from a local optometrist.  Needed to also get the “K” reading
  • John sent me an eye chart to have a baseline of my eyesight
  • Checked on what I do (office work in front of a computer) and how often I drive (about 2-3 times a week) and I’ve advised him that I wear contacts most of the time
  • Offered as part of the program to provide me a couple of pairs of glasses (evening/day). 

I’ll update my progress after I get my lenses and the glasses.  I really hope this will work.  I don’t anticipate that this therapy will allow me to improve it to 20/20 vision but an overall improvement so I don’t have to wear glasses (or contacts) when out and about would be a great win!

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