Sunday, 23 July 2006

Howes Valley Ideas

I'm thinking about housing and been researching kit homes, solar power and sewerage systems.

For sewerage (sewage?) I'm thinking Worm Farm (
For solar power, Will reckons he can size and fix it... so that's all good. Otherwise Rainbow Power Company sounds good (
We then need raintanks (huge!) :)
A house... which I can't decide if we should build it ourselves (using a Peter Lee's plan or go a kit home (and still build ourselves)...
In the meantime we'll investigate fixing the shed for temporary rain water collection and shelter.

Lavender or Hazelnuts? We need to check with Auntie Lee to see what sort of lavender may be income generating (commercially) or possibly some other crop. Hazelnuts is something we're also thinking longer term.

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