Thursday, 16 February 2006

Howes Valley?

We've been looking for acreage with the intention of purchasing early so we can eventually build a smallish house with all the bits we want in the house rather than taking what we can get... We've looked down in Braidwood, up in Wollombi and in Putty. Braidwood was a bit far from where we live now, so although well located probably not quite what we are after...
Wollombi is great as it's only over an hour from our place, is the gateway to the Hunter Valley and if we want to build holiday cabins with the chocolate business on the side the tourist thing may work... We just need to keep an eye on it in case something good pops up as the properties we have seen are way too unsuitable.
Putty is gorgeous. Only an hour from Windsor (but makes it two hours from us) lush etc, again just need to find something suitable.
We've now gone a bit further than Putty and are looking at a particular property in Howes Valley. No power, possible phone line, no ADSL (the exchange hasn't been upgraded), no mobile reception... but a nice bit of land not far off Putty Road. So we'll be investigating that particular property further. About 2 hours 15 mins from our place. But in our goal price range. (el cheapo!)
I'm currently seeing if there are any sites that guide people in purchasing rural land... I couldn't even get a contract for this property as "it's not like residential property, you don't get a contract" !!! so what do I get? There has to be a contract, right? What about a survey map or something like that?

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