Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Run my own store?

So I’ve started another Plan B strategy.  This time I hope it lasts (and works!)  The good thing is that I have been buying the product for over 2 years now and continue to like the products.  So now it’s building up a business and get to the stage where I can possibly apply to have my own store.  The business plan use to be very difficult to understand but apparently it will become easier after 1 August 2011.  I joined last Monday and will be going back to the Hurstville store to get more advice from Diana how to run the business and generate some business.

Apparently if I build the business well, I can apply to open my own store which in itself will build volume and revenue.  Maybe in about 12 months time when things stabilise I may be in that position.  The other good thing is that the business is about to go to China  and Colombia and Brazil.  It’s already in the US and UK and I think in Canada too. 

I’ll be selling some of my initial purchases on ebay.com.au as that’s how I got introduced to their products in the first place when I bought a water filter – as it was one of the best options to remove fluoride from drinking water*.

The business sells a range of products from cleaning products, food, cosmetics, undergarments (!), kitchen gadgets and pseudo (?) health benefit products (I’ll probably review a few of these as I have my doubts but then have seen some good results from various special bracelet type things which have helped arthritis). 

Some of the products I have been (repeat) buying are the water filter, the 3 in 1 coffee, the chilli shrimp paste and some of the cleaning products.

* if you want to know why I don’t want my drinking water with any fluoride or you want to read more about the debate here’s a link to wikipedia about the controversy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_fluoridation_controversy

**  I just read the T&Cs from the company and have removed reference to the company name at this stage.

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