Page last updated 2 May 2017

Where - at home in Peakhurst Sydney Australia.  Just back from Carribean Cruise with family.  Loved the facation so much that we're doing it again (this time Alaska) in 2019
What - Still trying to learn to code.  Not as successfully as I had hoped
Work - Transport for NSW.   Manager Open Data and Innovation (yep fancy title!)
Startup - Soft launched; still trying to fix
Play - continuing establishing garden.  Pulled out my saxophone.
Project/s - eeek update since January.  No change still trying to make big mirror  and do upholstery
Home - Decking done!  Need to sort out a rug and courtyard.  And get chickens for chicken coop!
Major quotes sought - courtyard paving ideas
Tech - Motorola Moto X, Moto 360, Lenovo Yoga laptop
Vacation / Holiday plans -  Family reunion cruise July 2019.  Local travels in 2017/2018.
Invest - eeek better find something to invest in

What else?
Baking bread!

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