Page last updated 12 May 2019 (as I'm just listening to a podcast episode by Tim Ferriss with Derek Sivers!)

Where - at home in Hurstville.  A 1 bedroom apartment!
What - Still trying to learn to code.  Not as successfully as I had hoped. (argh!  No change!!)
Eat - I'm keto'ing.  I was doing 5:2 till Nov 18 when I decided to do keto.  I've been low carb/keto since then and started the blog
Work - Working at Department of Customer Service as Director Technology and Architecture (!!!) but it's only on secondment. 
Substantive role: Transport for NSW.   Manager Open Data Enablement and Innovation (yep fancy title!)
Startup - working with Richard Tubb on and Kenneth Tsang and Jayen Ashar and Richard Tubb on
Play - walking with dogs, startup stuff and Keto 4 Asians and HazTime
Project/s - Startups and coding including Property Notebook
Home - I really should clean my windows properly (it's all cloudy atm... and I love my view!)
Tech - Samsung Note 8, Lenovo Yoga laptop (no change)
Vacation / Holiday plans -  Gold Coast reconnaissance in June.  Need to find another huge vacation to look forward to.  Went to Japan recently and I think I can tweak the format as I went via Intrepid but it was more expensive and probably not the ideal format. 
Invest - Petersham is about to settle.  Looking at some other options once we settle on Capalaba and I know what funds I have to use for investment. 
Challenges / Health - Keto (lazy!) but planning on adding in a fast day on Mondays (fast from after Dinner on Sunday and start eating for Tuesday lunch). 
Supplements: Taking greens as tablets, chlorophyll and still doing ACV and collagen.  Also trying psyllium husks in cooking and taking the amazing MCT oil powder.  So yum!!

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