Page last updated 4 August 2018

Where - at home in Hurstville.  A 1 bedroom apartment!
What - Still trying to learn to code.  Not as successfully as I had hoped.
Work - Transport for NSW.   Manager Open Data Enablement and Innovation (yep fancy title!)
Startup - working with Richard Tubb on
Play - hiking/walking with dogs, startup (HazTime)
Project/s - HazTime - WP MVP
Home - Selling Peakhurst :(  I love that house.  Really love it!
Tech - Samsung Note 8, Lenovo Yoga laptop
Vacation / Holiday plans -  Family reunion cruise July 2019.  Panda trip in October 2018.
Invest - trying to fix up investment properties and divide them appropriately between Will and myself.  Bought a few Facebook shares!  And a few other international shares via Macrovue.
Challenges / Health - Did 1 month of no sugar, no wheat in July 2018.  Still doing intermittent fasting on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Taking greens as tablets, chlorophyll and still doing ACV and collagen.

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