Page last updated 01 January 2020
Best day to update this page.  The first of the new decade and year.  🎉✨📆

Where - at home in Hurstville.  A 1 bedroom apartment which I love.
What - Still learning to code.  Have built a couple of calcuators and tools!
Eat - I'm keto'ing.  I was doing 5:2 till Nov 18 when I decided to do keto.  I've been low carb/keto since then and started the blog and also
Work - Working at Transport for NSW.   Manager Open Data Enablement and Innovation with my fabulous team.
Startup - working with Kenneth Tsang and Jayen Ashar and Richard Tubb on
Play - walking with dogs, startup stuff and Keto4Asians and monthxmonth and other things.
Project/s - Startups and coding
Home - Have a bit of a garden going but need to fix my balcony to make it more inviting to go out onto... except nowadays we have smoke haze and the air quality is terrible.
Tech - Samsung Note 8, Lenovo Yoga laptop (no change)
Vacation / Holiday plans -  Went on a cruise in Oct/Nov 2019 with my mum and Archon and my lovely neighbours.  Was fun!  Have a trip planned to go to the Gold Coast over Easter.  Need to find another huge vacation to look forward to. 
Invest - Buying a land and house package in Pimpana, Invested in Macrovue (international shares) also have opened a Platinum Global fund and putting in a fixed amount per month.
Challenges / Health - Keto (lazy!) but planning on adding in a fast day on Mondays (fast from after Dinner on Sunday and start eating for Tuesday lunch). Have resistance bands so trying to do that and kettlebell swings.  Did a DNA test and review with Dr Jay!  Also have a gut test and not too informed about my results... and doing blood tests.  My cycle is still all over the shop...
Supplements: too many - need to start reducing these if possible. 

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